Shimla Film Festival

Client: Self Hosted Event  Task: Event Management  The Shimla Film Festival, a Himachal Media Pvt Ltd venture, brings together audiences, film and filmmakers to showcase genres of film craft that explore the  themes of changing life patterns, conflict, compassion, love, tragedy, a prevailing unsettled peace, migration, environment and wildlife to gain a deeper understanding of… Details

NewsYaps – Policy in India

Client: NewsYaps.com Task: Marketing for Policy in India Series (Closed) Straying away from traditional media outlets Newsyaps, backed by Himachal Media, reinforces the value of opinion expressed fearlessly, brings news on the go to establish its presence as a new age medium of today, here and now. Details


Client: SidEnterprises LLC Task: Content Development (Closed) Growing digits have made BigData inevitable and BigData Trainers helps to surf the numeric deluge. Supported by Himachal Media, BigData Trainers is designed to impart skills to beginners and those with in interest in the subject so as to be ready for an industry that is going to… Details

A S Vidyamandir

Client: M/S A. S. Vidyamandir Task: Content Development & Marketing In the forefront of sharpening and preparing young minds to beat the competition for medical and engineering entrance examinations, AS Vidyamandir has built up a formidable reputation. Marketing and back end support by Himachal Media has enabled AS Vidyamandir to gain focused online visibility for… Details

PaiseWali – Finance Content for Women

Client: PaiseWali.com Task: Content Development Money talks and Paisewali is about imparting information and knowledge that empowers every woman to dream and aspire to achieve life’s independent goals. Tips that encourage saving habits, help plan finances, instruct about right investments at Paisewali have the backing of Himachal Media. Details

TopYaps – Creating Content Snacks

Client: TopYaps.com Task: Content Development & Marketing  Outside the mundane, Topyaps is about attention grabbing the best, the worst, deepest, highest and the long and short of all things popular. Backed by Himachal Media, the lists of varied reads that range from fashion, to history, health, science, geography, sports, personalities, the absurd and much more… Details

Why Rely On Domain Specialists For Blog Promotion

Publishing a great blog is perhaps the best way to promote your products and services. But, the question remains, what’s the recipe for developing a great blog? If your blog features genuine solutions to people’s problems and they keep coming back for specialized advice, you’ve won them over. But, as simple as it sounds, the truth is, giving the…


Why You Should Hire a Technical Writer?

With the technical world and IT sector being flooded with high-tech products, there is a need of effectively communicating the technical aspects of products to oblivion consumers. And, although most people working in specialize fields can sum up their work reasonably, they lack the skill to translate complex technical information into layman jargon. Skilled technical writers have…